The Effects Of Stress On Stress And Stress Essay

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I froze in horror as I read the Facebook message that was sent to me. He’s gone. My heart fell to my gut. I felt a sharp pain down my spine. My head started throbbing- I wanted to throw up. My body trembled, and my hands turned to ice. I started looking around the room to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I was trying to wake myself up from a nightmare that was my reality.
According to Sapolsky, a neuroscientist of great renown, a “Stressor” is an event in the outside world that knocks you out of balance. For this paper, I will be discussing my encounters with stress after keeping a 10-day stress journal. I have recorded the time, date, stressor, stress responses, coping strategies, and the effectiveness of these methods. Throughout this process, I’ve elicited different responses from various stressors. Some of these events were correlated with one another and others were independent. To tackle these stress responses, I’ve incorporated numerous coping strategies mentioned in class such as the problem focused and emotion focused approach. Effectiveness of the manner depended on the correctness of which strategy was used per situation. Throughout this project, I’ve improved in making better judgements in which coping strategy to use. I’ve improved in handling stress by developing a deeper understanding of it.
In reference to my 10-day stress journal, the most significant event was the passing of a very close friend of mine. Jerry has been my friend and teammate for almost five…

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