The Effects Of Stress On Nursing Career Essay

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In today’s society, we don’t realize the amount of stress we put upon each other. For those in the nursing career, the impact of this can lead to concerning issues. Although money was the number one reason most people experienced stress, the percentage of people who experience daily stress due to their work is 70%, (APA-Work Percentage, 2011). We don’t often think about the constant pressure that is placed on nurses. Consider, for a moment, a time when you were being cared for by a nurse. Now imagine the responsibility they took with you and double, or even triple it, and you will get an idea of how much pressure and stress they have in their daily job. Stress creates several concerns in a nursing career, which includes the nurse’s health, the health of the patient and their care, and the effects upon the hospital itself. With so much that is required in all these area’s the stress can literally become crippling. The sheer amount of work given to a single nurse is astounding, and most typically work twelve or more hours in a day (Trinkoff, 2006). The effects on a nurse’s health due to workloads, patient care and responsibility, and the nurses own personal care, can be very detrimental. Nurses can begin to exhibit signs and symptoms of common health issues, as well as serious health issues that come with growing levels of stress. Depression is one of the most common health problems that a nurse could experience, but there are much more serious health issues relate to…

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