The Effects Of Stress On Health And Health Essay example

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University of Florida’s Wellness Center said parents and faculty described college as an idyllic time that involved few worries or responsibilities, but then explained that current college students describe the experience as stressful and frustrating.Trying to balance school, relationships and jobs for students can create an overwhelming amount of stress. Stress is sometimes essential to everyday life and can encourage beneficial pressure. An overwhelming amount of stress for a prolonged or continuous amount of time becomes dangerous and will negatively impact health. Because stress is dangerous to health it is necessary for students to understand the effects, recognize the causes, and know solutions. Stress is harmful to health in three aspects: cognitively, physically, and emotionally (*). Forgetfulness, repetitive thoughts, and difficulty concentrating are all symptoms of cognitive health effects (*). These types of symptoms can not only be harmful to the mind but also create academic problems. Students could become distracted by stress and begin to forget assignments, and lose focus in class. Physical impacts can cause pain and discomfort to anyone experiencing stress. University of Florida’s Wellness Center explained how stress can cause difficulty sleeping, muscular tension, high blood pressure, ulcers, and fatigue. These type of symptoms create even larger medical problems if stress is not reduced and can cause permanent damage to the human body. Emotional effects…

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