The Effects Of Stress On Health And Well Being On An Individual

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Stress is prevalent and ubiquitous in our everyday lives. Sometimes, stress can be beneficial as it can provide the extra motivation needed to succeed in business, achieve an education or foster relationships, however, it can also have significant negative impact. Accumulative evidence show that stress have potent impact on the health and well-being on an individual. Furthermore, some studies have even found that stress can have a stronger impact on one’s health than major negative life events. Thus, recovery from and resilience to stress is vital for health and well-being. As such, a method to manage, cope or counteract stress is participation in leisure activities. Leisure can be broken down into two categories: casual leisure that involves relaxation activities and serious leisure where the participant can fully engage in demanding activities. Both of these leisure types can act as an intermediate to reduce stress by lowering ones negative affect while increasing the positive affect. Stress is the biological response to some stimulus like anger, fear, panic, tragedy, and even something as simple as being competitive in an activity can cause it. They are routine challenges to day-to-day living, such as stuck in traffic or running late, anxiety about money, and focusing on your work. Stress can also be unexpected disturbance in one’s daily life, such as a dispute with a co-worker or failure of an equipment. Empirical evidence suggests that this stress leads to…

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