Essay The Effects Of Stress On College Students

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Defined by Meriam-Webster, stress is a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life. With the well-known impression that college is supposed to be the best four years of your life, this saying has been shifted to be the most stressful. Many students are in a consistent state of trying to catch up by rushing from one assignment to another or racing with the clock never having enough time to stay on top of all responsibilities. Individuals encounter and manage stress in different forms but with the high level of rigor in the college environment today, college students are being saturated with stress and anxiety on a day to day basis. One’s academic and college path has tremendously become more complex over time. With the high stakes of college determining how their life will end up, stress is substantially increasing amongst college students worldwide. It is imperative for college students to handle stress appropriately to ensure the best quality of academic and post-academic life. When avoided, the overload of stress can lead to chronic illnesses such as heart attacks or kidney disease, hair loss, or even death. Implementing simple and innovative stress management strategies into one’s daily regimen can gradually develop a balanced life-style and effective personal organization skills.
While many college students face various amounts of pressure and anxiety from exams, homework, and other personal circumstances, certain meditation and relaxation…

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