The Effects of Steroids on the Human Body and Steroid Abuse by Athletes

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This anger can lead to irritability, stress, and violence.

The long term side effects can include HIV, cardiovascular problems, stunted growth, and weight problems. HIV, not taken very seriously by must steroids abusers, is one of the most dangerous and deadliest side effects of steroids. This is because people don’t think they can get HIV even though most of the time they are sharing their needles with a numerous amount of other users. HIV could be spread from one person to another just by using one needle. Using steroids can increase one’s blood cholesterol which can lead to heart problems, heart attacks, and even strokes. The new weight of the user’s muscles puts an unnecessary strain and pressure on the heart, because it has to pump more blood to so much more tissues in the muscles. Stunted growth mainly affects teenagers going through puberty because once the brain senses a certain amount of hormones in the body; it sends a message to the bones to stop growing to the teenager will most likely be shorter than the average height for their gender,

age, and weight. One last long term side effect of using steroids would be weight gain and other weight problems. People who eventually stop abusing steroids often end up having a weight problem. If they bulked up with lots of muscle, these muscles will turn to an absurd amount of fat on their body. They also
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