Essay The Effects Of Standardized Testing On Elementary School

937 Words Oct 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Standardized testing has been around for decades. Whether used for funding, elementary school ratings or college entrance profiles, it has impacted learning, and not in a positive way. The brunt of this impact is on elementary school students as young as 7 years of age. Standardized testing is something that is not necessary. This type of testing is irrelevant to where children stand academically. Furthermore, it also negatively influences the mind of children, making them stressed and anxious. What is student achievement? It seems like anyone you ask has a different answer. Student achievement, however, is not synonymous with high standardized testing scores. According to education economist Richard Rothstein, “measurement of student achievement is complex-too complex for the social science methods presently available" (Harris et al). These methods, of course, include standardized testing. This was said over a decade ago, and unfortunately, the way we measure student achievement has not changed. In fact, according to psychometrician Daniel Koretz, “scores on a standardized test usually do not provide a direct and complete measure of educational achievement” (Harris et al), which means that while these tests are supposed to measure how a child is doing academically, they do not. Moreover, these tests cannot measure a child’s motivation, creativity, or critical thinking skills, all vital tools for student achievement. Asking standardized tests to score student achievement…

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