The Effects Of Sports Sport On Sport Essay

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Participating in youth playing sport is a great way to learn physical and social skills that will help young people throughout life. We want to get as many children involved in sport as possible, but unfortunately this is becoming harder as the cost of playing sport is increasing. We have analysed the economics within sport to determine whether money factors have become an issue in sport.

It is said that organized sports have become more popular than ever (Hyman, 2012). As a result of this, the cost of sport participation is rising. With youth playing sports, parents now need to take into consideration the costs that are included with the sport such as the uniform, gear and facilities. This is without considering the travel expenses, meaning that many children are less likely to be able to play sports, due to the high expense. This is shown as it is reported in New Zealand that 14% of high school students say that the reason they don’t participate in sport is because it is too expensive. (Sport New Zealand, 2014)

In the coaching context, it would be a good practice for a coach to consider the finances within the team. For example where practices are held and how often, could help include more students. If practices are held for longer durations once a week, rather than numerous shorter times a week, this would decrease travel costs for each family, making playing more affordable.

When club and representative sports are considered, this creates even more cost for the…

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