The Effects Of Sports On Sports And Sports Essay

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Many schools have outstanding bands, artists and students but they aren’t considered to be as important as sports. When a student gets a scholarship or a lead part in a play they are congratulated by many but the community does not take victory as their own like they do with sports. The adults putting so much value on sports rubs off on the students. The popular students were the stars of the sports teams. The athletes look down on those who aren 't involved in sports. What is worse is when a student tries to play a sport and is considered a poor player. The top athletes encourage them, while they run their laps and try to do the plays, in hope that the couch will play them more; but the encouragement is more patronizing than inspirational.

While I was on one of our schools three soccer youth teams, we played soccer through tough weather conditions even as children. I remember one game where it snowed. You could see your breath and the air hurt your lungs as you ran. We were all bundled up as tight as we could while keeping our SK jerseys visible. Even as elementary students they were preparing us to fight for the school 's reputation. We are taught to be competitive and I think it is also natural for humans to be competitive. In the past, and even today, people need to be competitive to survive, that 's survival of the fittest. Whether humans are competing over food or jobs, there is always going to be people on the top and people on the bottom. Evolution has made many…

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