Essay about The Effects Of Sports Injuries On Athletes

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Joe Ferrici
Med Aspects
ACL Research In the world of sports today, there is a wide variety of pressures that athletes have to face. Athletes have to deal with the pressure of coaches, family, playing well, and getting scouted to name a few; being injured is not looked past either. Injuries during physical activity are inevitable, especially in today’s world where athletes are getting extremely more athletic and active. Social media is constantly releasing stories of these excruciating injuries athletes continue to have. Among the injuries that have stayed most consistent and relevant over time has been the ACL injury. Approximately 70% of ACL injuries occur while playing some type of agility sport that requires not only straight forward movement. (Burcum) These sports include but are not limited to basketball, soccer, and football. ACL injuries are of the most intriguing sports injuries today due to their causes, recovery path, prevention methods, and how the injury has progressed in technology. The ACL is the center of much responsibility when it comes to the knee. The ACL runs across the knee joint, and keeps the shin from sliding forward, and provides stability when performing rotational movements. It is one of the many ligaments that holds the knee joint in place, and keeps the knee from buckling. “About two-thirds of injuries happen during movements like twisting, pivoting, or moving sideways, while the rest are caused by direct contact with an…

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