The Effects Of Special Education On Children With Disabilities

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Special education has come a long way since 1817 when the Connecticut Asylum for the Education and Instruction of Deaf and Dumb persons opened in Hartford CT. (SPED Book pg8)
There have been many positive changes to special education since then, many trials and tribulations many parents and educators in need of answers and help. Now almost 200 years later there are many barriers broken and more to be tackled.
Special education is always and forever changing with time and knowledge. We will touch on many subjects of legal mandates that are put in place today so our students with disabilities have a good education. Why children with disabilities have their civil rights. The rights of students with disabilities being placed in a least restrictive environment (LRE). And lastly we’ll speak of different biases that may still be around that people still believe exist in this day and age. (SPED book)
The legal mandates including children with disabilities are broken down in three basic federal laws. The first and most important is a law which was enacted in 1974 called the Education for All Handicapped Children Act. What that did was increase federal special education funding and made states responsible for creating a full education opportunity for students with disabilities. This act was then amended and changed in 1975, P.L. 94-142 to be called the Education of the Handicapped Act and is the base for all special education practices.
The Individual with Disabilities…

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