Essay about The Effects Of Spanking On Your Child 's Life

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The bond between a parent and their child is a relationship that will never compare to another. “Give a little love to a child and you get a great deal back” (Ruskin). As a parent, there will always be times that you get frustrated by your child 's behavior, and many parents all around the world believe that spanking their children is the correct way to stop them from misbehaving. But does this violent act of smacking or spanking make their children learn what 's right from wrong? Of course not. Hitting your child has many negative impacts on your child 's life. Spanking damages the relationship and trust that parents have with their children and teaches them that violence is the way to solve problems, and spanking can increase the likelihood of developing mental health symptoms.

Do you remember being hit as a child? Do you ever remember thinking afterward, “I’m so thankful my parent loves me enough to hit me?” Of course you didn’t! You were probably thinking, “I hate you” or some version of an anti-relationship building comment. The violence a parent shows towards their child will cause them to avoid telling their parents the truth about what truly happened to avoid being hit. Hitting your child will make them fear you and begin lying to you. As a parent, you are your child 's role model. If parents are constantly hitting their children, then that teaches the children that hitting is okay. In the future, when they are in school they will have a thought like this in…

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