The Effects Of Spanking On Children 's Behavior Essay

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Children are a wonder in the field of psychology which is due to their behavior growing up. From Sigmund Freud to Erik Erikson, there have been a numerous amount of psychologist that have studied children and have created multiple theories based upon their studies. Children are usually considered a “social sponge” due to them picking up habits from their parents, peers, and what the media portrays. From being friendly to peers, or becoming violent, these kids will pick up on certain behaviors and try to emulate them. Parents can come in to either reinforce these behaviors or punish the child for behaving poorly. There are various ways to discipline a child, but one technique that has been studied the most is spanking. Most children in the United States dealt a spanking or another form of corporal punishment from their parents (Strauss, Sugarman, & Giles-Sims, 1997). Some parents believe that it is the most effective way to punish a misbehaving child, and some might only use that technique as a punishment.
There are studies that have been published in the recent years both praising and bashing spanking as a form of punishment. These studies will say that spanking can lead to harmful and toxic behavior when a child grows up, or they might state that spanking is extremely effective when used right. The institution that promotes and provides the spanking are parents or guardians of the child. However, the institution can be the primary culprit when it comes to a proper or…

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