The Effects Of Solar Power On The Earth Essay

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Saving the Earth
Imagine a typical family rushing out of the house to go to work or school. Many of the simple things can be easily overlooked, and while rushing out even more can be forgotten. Children can easily leave things plugged in and parents can forget to turn the light switches off. Fossil fuels are wasted each time someone forgets to conserve energy. This is a problem because fossil fuels are nonrenewable. This means that they cannot be produced at the rate in which they are used. People of the United States should not have to worry about when fossil fuels are going to run out. The Environmental Protection Agency, also known as the EPA, should be given more control over how energy should be made. By doing so the EPA would be promoting the use of solar power to help make renewable and lasting energy. Solar power is a great use of alternative fuel because it protects the earth from further harm, it allows the earth to be protected, and assures lasting power for the future.
Overview of the Problem Nonrenewable energy is a problem in the United States. Wars have been fought for the use of oil and other nonrenewable resources. One article even suggests that, “The energy crisis of the 1970’s drove up gasoline prices, sent the economy into a tailspin and prompted lawmakers and government agencies to develop new energy polices” (“Are renewable energy sources viable alternatives to fossil fuels”). For many years the question on people’s minds has been, when are fossil…

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