The Effects Of Social Penetration Theory On Our Lives Essay

1716 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 7 Pages
As we get older our views and perspectives on relationships may change. An explanation for this is that we encounter different situations in different relationships. Some relationships may affect us more than others, and can even change the way we think and view things. However, we would have to evaluate our levels of communication with different people. The social penetration theory helps us to categorize the levels of interpersonal communication we have with others. Based on these levels, we are able to categorize the importance and meaning of the relationship. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the effects of social penetration theory and how it applies to our lives. There are two hypotheses that explain the social penetration process. The first is that, “Interpersonal exchange gradually progresses from superficial, non-intimate areas to more intimate deep layers of the selves as social factors (Allensworth 7)” and the second is that, “People assess interpersonal rewards and costs, satisfaction and dissatisfaction, gained from interaction with others, and advancement of the relationship is heavily dependent on the amount and nature of the rewards and costs (Allensworth 7).” The first hypothesis can be seen in the example of a friend on the same track team as you. At first, you just talk about track and school related topics. As time goes on you begin to talk about more personal topics on a more intimate level. Over a period of time, you may become close friends and…

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