The Effects Of Social Media On Viewers And Their Political Views

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Introduction In one of the most publicized federal nations in history, over 71.5 million people tuned into watch the third and final United States Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton, the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party, and Donald Trump, the candidate for the Republican Party, held at the Thomas and Mack Center in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. With the increasing impact of social media on viewers and their political views in this election, The Commission on Presidential Debates, the debate sponsor, has partnered with social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. Topics of Discussion
The final presidential debate received critical acclaim for addressing a wide range of issues that allowed the candidates to adequately appeal to their voters. The major issues covered included:
The balance of the Supreme Court
Fairness of the Court, referring to Justice Ruth Ginsburg who has attacked Trump’s fitness to be President
Hillary’s criticism of Citizens United, and advocacy for marriage equality, and representing the rights of minority groups
Gun ownership, lobbying and control
Hillary 's reaction to the Heller case
Accidental injuries by toddlers
Gun violence in cities, such as Chicago
Stance on abortion:
Trump takes a pro-life stance, thus appealing to evangelicals and social conservatives
Hillary is pro-choice, putting the health of the mother first
Support and defence of Roe vs Jade, Planned Parenthood and Partial-Birth Abortion

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