The Effects Of Social Media On Todays Youth Essay

1938 Words Dec 1st, 2014 null Page
In the state of California, there is advertisement everywhere you go, from billboards, to benches, from poster to flyers, and of course, our mobile devices. Today on average kids across America spend over two hours of their day in front of a screen. During that time, todays youth is subjected to inappropriate content through social media. Leaving todays youth more vulnerable to a life of mental illness. Without limiting the amount of social media intake on todays youth we subject them to a life of mental illness. Studies show the effect of social media at a young age forces the idea of gender stereotyping, causing; emotional distress, body image dysmorphia, and sexual harassment. When kids are young they tend to go with their parents, everywhere whether it’s to run errands, or to go eat. Typically, after a while, their children get bored and start to fuss, with that, their parent wants to make their child stop, and an easy way to do that is to simply give their child their electronic device. In doing so, this teaches their child at a young age, that whenever they are bored all they have to do it sit in front of a screen and be entertained. Around 2006 society sees a switch in the content that the media releases. A high quantity of sex related images and lyrics was produced at this time, and with the high results, the corporations came to the conclusion that sex sells. In the documentary Hip Hop beyond the Beats and Rhymes, by Byron Hurt he discusses, how after major…

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