The Effects Of Social Media On Teens Essay

1471 Words Oct 13th, 2016 6 Pages
In most recent years, social media has become very popular among all age groups. The age group that social media attracts the most, are adolescents. Both social media and social media apps have drawn the younger generation in. Social media sites and apps such as Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. A study in the Netherlands, by Valkenburg, Peter, and Schouten, found that adolescents, “visited the friend networking site on average three days a week.” When the site was visited they would stay on it, for approximately half an hour (Valkenburg). Teens who visit social media sites do not realize the negative effects it has on them. Social media does not affect teens only; it also affects older adults in negative ways. Social media can negatively affect people 's’ social life, self-esteem, sleep schedule, in teens, how the brain grows and most importantly, mental health. Researchers at the UCLA brain mapping center, used an fMRI scanner to image the young brains of 32 teens to see what types of effects, social media feedback had on them. In that research, they found that when teens learn that their own pictures have been receiving positive feedback, they show greater activation in parts of the brain’s reward center (East). This area of the brain is the same group of regions responding when we see pictures of someone we love or when we win something, like money. In adolescent years, this part of the brain is particularly sensitive. “Adolescents is a period that’s…

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