Essay about The Effects Of Social Media On Teens

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Sexual Activity Online
The effects of social media and the impact it has on sexual socialization and development of teens has not been studied in depth although it is suggest that online access is playing an important role in development (Pew, 2010) Sexual discourse and or images can result in pressure of peer or other social influences, if other people reactions can reinforce that teen’s sexualized behavior, which can provide the perception that the teen is sexually mature or as a sexual object. The excessive amount of sexual activity online, could result in casual or unsafe sexual activity. Social media’s increase use might be a result of youth sending or receiving offers of sex by the interactions with others (Pew,2009). It could be said that the effects of new media in comparison to traditional media content that a person is exposed can vary from platform to platform. What someone watches online to what they are exposed to on the internet can effect teens and their ideologies of sex. The Internet allows adolescents easy access to sexual information anonymously and for the most part it is free. Cell phones also are providing a deeper access into the Internet and access to sexual content. They can be taken everywhere and used throughout the day and with more security then a home computer, as the chances of parents seeing what teens are viewing online is higher. Giving youth access to media daily allows them to seek information and assistance in real time as including…

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