The Effects Of Social Media On Society

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If the modern age of technology is causing a decline in face-to-face interactions than is it time to label it a problem? Before the cellphone one would have to walk over and knock on a neighbor’s door in order to ask a question, today that’s easily solved by shooting the person a quick text. Being social creatures humans have used social media all the way communication is the mail system dating back to even the Romans who sent letters back and forth instead of commenting on others’ status. Other forms of socializing have formed through history and have been very beneficial to a society such as the Underground Railroad used many different signals such as quilts to convey secret messages. Similarly to the current online media, in the 16th century …show more content…
Now more than ever, people who do not quite fit in to society’s norms have a much easier time finding similar people who share similar interests. Social networking is also helping teenagers gain certain social skills much easier than ever before, skills such as self-expression and adjustment to social norms. Contrary to what was stated earlier these skills help a person get a job and form better longer lasting relationships. Mizuko Ito leader of a study title the Digital Youth Project interjects his opinion on the subject “There are myths about kids spending time online — that it is dangerous or making them lazy, Hanging Out, Messing Around, Geeking Out: Living and Learning With New Media but we found that spending time online is essential for young people to pick up the social and technical skills they need to be competent citizens in the digital age.” Spending time online is actually becoming an essential part of growing up according to Ito. He argues teenagers need to be online in order to be a well-rounded person, as they get …show more content…
Social skills wither and grow by spending time online speaking to anyone and everyone. Technology is causing a new type of relationship to form, one that can only be comprehended as a cyber friendship. Social networking is an industry with continuous growth and is affecting more adolescents. The fact social media does cause for less and less face to face interactions is a concern solely because seeing people in person is a lot more socially beneficial to do. This does not mean one can’t text their neighbor to tell them something quickly but simply that one cannot rely on the Internet for all social

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