The Effects Of Social Media On Society Essay

1403 Words Nov 28th, 2016 6 Pages
Social media has the ability to help people greatly in connecting with each other. A friend from childhood could be found from across the world in just minutes at little cost if they have a Facebook account. That was impossible even 20 years ago.. However, this is not always the case, as more and more people seem to feel disconnected from the people around them due to social media. Despite seeming like a simple way to make and keep friends, it can be a drain on people’s health, especially teenagers and young adults. This is why people should learn about how to use social media in a healthy manner so that they do not find ways to abuse it, because it can affect the mental and physical health of individuals. Is there really an addiction to social media in our society? When talking about Generation Y, it seems so. One study states about their use of social media,“This group has also concluded that there is a need to decrease their usage, but seem unable to make that a reality” (Cabral 11-12). This shows that there is a dependency on their connection to social media, with the subjects in this study having difficulty stopping. Social media addiction is not a problem that is easily overcome. Why would someone stop using an application that allows them to make connections with friends and families so easily? They would not, because that is where everything is happening in most people’s lives. People send invitations for weddings and birthday parties over Facebook, and browsing…

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