Essay on The Effects Of Social Media On Relationship

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The Effects of Social Media on Relationship
In the article “When Your Smartphone Is Too Smart for Your Own Good: How Social Media Alters Human Relationships”, Lori Ann Wagner declares, “according to a Pew Research survey (Duggan & Smith, 2013), 73% of adults online use some kind of social networking platform” (Page 2). As the usage of social media increases more significantly, more information can be received from the Internet, and people can see and feel the life they never knew before, like they can see selfies from Obama, Instagram photos from famed singers and actresses, Yik Yak updates from people nearby, and Facebook updates from families and friends. Social media, as a new item walking into people’s lives, has been regarded as influential in their lives in many ways, especially in people’s relations with each other. However, the increasing usage of social media lets people to ask how social media changes people’s relations with each other.
Positive Effects of Social Media
Based on many researchers’ work, numerous people believe social media has positive effects in their lives. For example, according to Alexandra Sifferlin’s article “What Men Share on Social Media But Not With You,” a researcher found “men and women who experience social anxiety, and therefore have a greater need to express their negative emotions and seek support, are equally likely to maintain a blog or social media account” (para. 3). Therefore, people can use social media to express their feelings…

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