The Effects Of Social Media On Popular Culture Essays

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“Hazardous downside to Social Media in Popular Culture” Technology has become a large part of our daily lives. For some this is their main source of communication and how they are kept up to date on current news. In today’s society we use different internet forums to interact with each other such as messaging, sending videos and photos, and sharing out locations on where we are and what we are doing on a day to day basis. Although social media has proven to be a great new way of communication, it has it downsides as well. While most people use social media for its intended purposes there are also people whom abuse it and use social media for things like invasion of privacy and cyberstalking. By observing the different types of internet forums i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, and Snapchat we can conclude that there are many ways that someone can easily invade your privacy and start to follow your each and every move, thus enabling stalking. For example, many young adults spend a lot of time either on their laptops or on their smart phone devices. “Apprehensions about the impact of the social media on children’s brains readily intermesh with alarmist accounts of predatory hackers and pedophiles, internet trolls, identity theft, and phishing scams” (Furedi). These young children could be posting updates on their social media accounts to inform their friends of where they are at and what they are doing. To the non-suspicious user they are giving away information…

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