Essay on The Effects Of Social Media On People 's Behavior

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The Negative Effect of Social Media on People 's Behavior At the present time, social media advances and the growth of its use has caused on many occasions that this so-called technology has negative effects on the way people related to others. Although it is true that the use of this technology on many occasions it helps many people to be in contact with those who are far away. Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter among others bring advantages for people like helping them to be in contact with acquaintances, but at the same time have a negative effect on their behavior because they rely on the information they received in some cases that even take decision based on that information like change the style of their hair or even stop a friendship because of what is post on social media. For instance, the research about the effects that technology has on social lives, the way social media influences the self- editing thru social comparison, the impact of technological communication has on life and relationship satisfaction and how people hide their emotions behind the screen of a device in order to feel safe are some of the areas in which the results of various research completed support the argument presented by Sherryl Turkle in her essay “No Need to Call”, where she argues that the use of social media has a negative effect on peoples’ behavior and the way people interact with society.
First, the research and the findings on the usage of social media, and how affects…

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