Essay The Effects Of Social Media On Our Lives

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Social media is more addictive than alcohol and cigarettes; it provides us with pitiful, temporary pleasures that numb us. The addiction has only gotten stronger and we all know that addictions can be dangerous. They can threaten the relationships we have with others, the way we see ourselves, and our sexuality. Over 80% of Americans watch television daily. Though television is more [accessible] it is not the only form of media that influences our daily lives, of course. Movies, online pictures, magazines, ads, and celebrity performances also play a great role in getting media’s message across to us.

Relationships Over time, technology, the Internet, and the media have advanced and altered the way we build relationships. On one hand, they allow us to share our personal lives and connect with those near and far but on the other, there are adverse effects and negative impacts. [What is social media?] Though social media is well developed and beneficial, we continue to experience problems with the virtual world that affect our lives emotionally and physically. [Add something about addiction.] As our addiction dives deeper into the world of social media we become detached from personal relationships.

Body Image
We are absolutely bombarded with media images these days and those images have a huge effect on the way we see ourselves. Body image has become the fiber of our culture. It is glamorized in magazines and on the big screen from rated G to rated R movies. Movies –…

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