The Effects Of Social Media On Children 's Youth Essay

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Today’s youth is reckless, some of them want to grow up too fast and others want to stay childish. With today’s society, social media makes it okay for teens to act the way they do, some do it to fit in, or simply find their way and discover who they are. Pregnancy, growing up to fast, or keeping up with the trend, are future problems with today’s youth. Someone has to show them the right path to walk on, because in today’s youth it is getting out of hand.
Back in the early days, it was common for adolescents to become pregnant and get married while still in high school. They had to grow up fast and learn to take care of themselves, their husband, and the younger ones, but that was a whole different time and generation where adolescents were mature. There’s this movie on Lifetime that came out in 2010, called “The Pregnancy Pact”. Where one girl became pregnant and didn’t want to go through it alone, so her friends got impregnated too. The girls in the movie thought it was joke and funny to be pregnant at such a young age. Movies like that mess with the girls heads in today’s society, because they’re not vigilant in their actions and very thoughtless. In today’s minority there’re pregnant junior high students, who shouldn’t be worried about having a boyfriend or sex, and just to worry about being a kid. When girls get pregnant some do not think of the consequences later on: meaning the boyfriend does not stay around or helping out poorly, poor situations which the mother is…

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