Essay about The Effects Of Social Media On Body Image

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The question at hand is how does social media influence our behavior and is this positive or negative. One area of controversy is social media’s effect on body image. Our culture has set unrealistic standards of how people should look. This has left a precedent specifically for women and has adhered to the development of confidence. Body dysphoria arises from these standards set by society. Such influences have caused eating disorders because of the competition to be the skinniest. Models are sizes double zero and that is what children aspire to be when they are older. That someone with any type of curve is seen as unattractive. The media’s representation of the slim “ideal” body has been linked to women body image disturbance (Charles, King, Touyz, 2000). There has been a lot of research in this matter, in the article “Social comparisons on social media: the impact on Facebook and young women’s body image concerns and mood”, there is a specific analysis on the impact of Facebook on women. The study had three aims. The first, to see if the effect of Facebook on women’s wood, body dissatisfaction, weight and face, hair, and skin related discrepancies. The second if the effect of Facebook differed from a fashion magazine. Lastly, to see if appearance comparison tendency moderated this effect. The studies showed that Facebook had a greater impact on all of these discrepancies. The study can be explained by this notion, “One possible reason for these findings is that Facebook…

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