The Effects Of Social Media And Mental Illness?

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In the state of California, there is advertisement everywhere you go, from billboards, to benches, from poster to flyers, and of course, our mobile devices. Today on average kids across America spend over two hours of their day in front of a screen. During that time, todays youth is subjected to inappropriate content through social media. Leaving todays youth more vulnerable to a life of mental illness. Without limiting the amount of social media intake on todays youth we subject them to a life of mental illness. Studies show the effect of social media at a young age forces the idea of gender stereotyping, causing; emotional distress, body image dysmorphia, and sexual harassment. When kids are young they tend to go with their parents, everywhere whether it’s to run errands, or to go eat. Typically, after a while, their children get bored and start to fuss, …show more content…
They then start to beg their parents for one using the reasoning they probably saw on tv, such as: “Well, what if something happened to me? Then you would know where I was at all times”. After a while of endless harassment from their child or great convincing, their parents give in, and now a child who is in third grade has a cell phone. Upon having a smart phone, kids will download social media applications, it is inevitable with all of the advertisements and the upgrades that television shows have incorporated using social media into their shows. Kids are more vulnerable to cyber bullying and the effect of social media on their self esteem. Studies show that the content that the media releases has a negative effect on the self esteem of todays youth. In a study conducted by Mary Polce-Lynch et al. reported between 116 girls and 93 boys, girls reported lower self esteem through media than boys. All of the advertisement and social constructions that are produced, it affects more women then

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