The Effects Of Social Emotional Development On Children Essay

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Introduction I observed a child for 30 minutes and wrote down everything I saw and heard. The child was two years old and a female. She had tan skin, brown eyes, dark curly hair that she wore in pig tails. She wore a white sparkly shirt that had the minions from Despicable Me on it, jeans, and black boots. She was around family including her mother, father, grandmother, aunt, uncle, and many cousins. Everybody in the room was in a good mood and interacted with her when she interacted with them.
Social Emotional Development She played a lot by herself but she also played a little with her grand-mother. She seemed to be mostly happy because she danced and sang around and she was mostly smiling and she laughed a lot. She doesn’t seem very tempered, she did not throw a temper tantrum while I observed. She seemed to listen and be well behaved, she listened to her mother when she told her to clean up. She is a very active child it’s like she couldn’t sit still she was constantly moving back and forth from person to person, dancing, jumping, and singing. Even when she was sitting she was moving her arms and head around.
Cognitive Development
When she acted like she was cooking then feeding to others that showed levels of thought. This showed that she knew what cooking was and the behaviors that she displayed must have been learned from her mother or someone else in her life. Another behavior that showed levels of thinking is when she was playing like the floor is mud this…

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