The Effects Of Social Class On The Cultural Logic Of Childrearing

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Lareau, Annette. Unequal Childhoods. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2003. Print. 537-548
Lareau suggests that social class has an important impact on the cultural logic of childrearing (Page 537). She brings up the term; ‘concerted cultivation’ as a way to describe how both white and black middle-class parents raise their children. This is a type of parenting where the parents attempt to nurture their child’s talents by enrolling them in numerous age-specific organized activities, which conduct important life skills. “This ‘cultivation’ approach results in a frenetic pace for parents, creates a cult of individualism within the family, and emphasizes children’s performances” (Page 537). White and black working-class and poor families have a complete opposite method of parenting where they emphasize ‘accomplishment of natural growth’. In this method of parenting, the parents provide the basics; love, food, and safety, and the rest the children learn on their own. Most children of working class or poor families aren’t a part of any organized activities like middle-class children, resulting in them having more free time and room to learn on their own.
Lareau backs all these theories with a vast study done by her and a team of graduate research assistants. The study was constructed on observations and interviews of families and their children aged eight to ten. This study was mainly done in a metropolitan area in the Northeast. The public schools they held…

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