The Effects Of Social And Emotional Behavior On Children 's Health, Wellbeing And Development

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Research shows the numerous positive effects learning in the natural environment can have on children 's health, wellbeing and development. However it is unclear as to whether there is a negative impact on social and emotional behaviour, when a lack of nature is present in the early years. Through the use of the action research cycle (MacNaughton & Hughes, 2009) this action research proposal aims to address whether there are negative effects when preschool aged children are not exposed to a lot of nature learning environment and whether there are barriers to cause this. Exploring this question allows the gathering of information which will be beneficial to both the children and educators by ensuring that we are providing children with the most educationally stimulating environments possible. In turn families will be able to benefit from these outcomes too whether it be through their children 's development and behaviour but also helping them to put practices in place within the home. Firstly, consent will be obtained from families of the children through a permission to observe form (see Appendix A). Families will be provided with a verbal explanation outlining the reasoning behind the research, and informed of their rights. Of course they will have the right to object if they do not want their child involved. Staff will also be informed of the research and the intentions, along with being asked to participate in short interviews. A mixed method approach is to be used in…

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