The Effects Of Snails And Elodea In Water On Carbon Dioxide

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The Effects of Snails and Elodea in Water on Carbon Dioxide Levels

How does varying the type of organism (plant or animal) in the level affect the level of carbon dioxide?

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Test tube six contained an elodea and was placed in the dark. It was hypothesized that, after a day, the test tube would be yellow in color. Upon observing, the hypothesis was proven correct because test tube six had remained yellow. This is because the elodea was placed in the dark where it could not receive light to photosynthesize and remove carbon dioxide from the air. Test tube seven was a control test tube, meaning it contained nothing other than the water BTB mixture. It was placed in the light and hypothesized that the color would remain yellow. Upon observing, test tube seven was a shade of green. This is most likely an error in sealing the test tube, because there is no way a test tube can release carbon dioxide unless it is not sealed properly. Test tube eight was also a controlled test tube, and was placed in the dark. It was hypothesized that the color would remain yellow. After a day, the test tube was yellow. This is because the test tube contained no organisms, therefore no photosynthesis or cellular respiration could …show more content…
This purpose being to create a better understanding of photosynthesis and cellular respiration, and the relation between the two, that was shown through a real-life situation. Even though the overall experiment was a success, there were still sources of error. For example, the seal for the test tubes were not always tight enough, allowing oxygen to enter. This is an issue because the oxygen entering messes up the entire purpose of the lab. Another possible error is the carbon dioxide levels all being the same at the beginning of the lab. This was made easier by the BTB solution indicating the levels based off of color, but if all eight of the test tubes were not the same shade of yellow, the experiment cannot be effective. In a future study, the BTB should be poured into the solution before it is poured into the test tubes. This will eliminate the possibility of all the test tubes not being the same, which gets rid of a potentially harmful

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