The Effects Of Smoking On The Health Organization Essay

1425 Words Dec 17th, 2015 null Page
According to Statistics, “Tobacco kills almost 6 million people each year, according to the World Health Organization (Senthilingam).” The use of tobacco increases the user’s risk for a large range of cancers, including lung, mouth, larynx, stomach, kidney and much more. Smoking tobacco introduces the body to an abundant amount of poisonous chemicals with each puff. Smoking causes an addiction; statics show that the average smokers smoke a pack of 20 cigarettes a day. According to the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, “the life expectancy for smokers is at least 10 years shorter (” Vaping and electronic cigarettes have become a new trend over the past couple of years. Electronic cigarettes were originally introduced to help those who would like to quit. Smokers should switch to vaping because it aids in smoking cessation. Switching to Electronic cigarettes aids in tobacco usage and are much safer than traditional tobacco. When cigarettes are burned, over a thousand of chemicals are released into the lungs of those that inhale the smoke. A few chemicals that many known to be in tobacco are arsenic, carbon monoxide, lead, nicotine, and tar. Arsenic is a chemical that is used in rat poison. Arsenic is a one of the chemicals that leads to lung cancer. Carbon Monoxide is a chemical also known as car exhaust. Carbon monoxide leads to decrease amount of oxygen to the brain, skin, and other organs, resulting in slow comprehension, wrinkles, greyish skin, and…

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