The Effects Of Smoking On The Health Risks Of Smoking Essay

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In today’s society, there is a lot of publicity on the health risks of smoking and why it is bad. Decades ago, it was normal for someone to smoke and people would not think twice about it. As time has gone on, research has become more developed and more information has been found about the harmful affects of smoking. Even though most people know smoking is bad, there is still a substantial amount of people who chose to smoke, ignoring the damage they will be doing to their bodies. Along with regular cigarettes, vapor pens have recently become popular, just like cigarettes did decades ago. The two articles found both discuss this serious topic. The satirical piece, “Marlboro Introduces Vitamin-Infused Cigarettes”, from The Daily Currant and the serious piece, “Why Is Smoking Bad for You?” from Medical News Today, deliver a similar message: smoking is bad. Both articles have different approaches to the issue, one using satire and humor and the other using hard facts. “Why Is Smoking Bad for You?” written by Christian Nordqvist, more effectively argues his claim compared to “Marlboro Introduces Vitamin-Infused Cigarettes”. In the first article, “Marlboro Introduces Vitamin-Infused Cigarettes” from The Daily Current, the author uses satire to poke fun at tobacco companies and users. It discusses a new form of cigarettes, called “Vitarettes,” that contain antioxidants, supposedly making them a healthier alternative compared to regular cigarettes (“Marlboro Introduces…

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