The Effects Of Smoking On New Zealand Essay

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Smoking is one of the factor why women in New Zealand suffer from health related issue. Smoking can lead to so many dangerous effects to women’s body and to the people surrounding them. Some effects that is common are decreased of their bone density that may occur in their menopause stage, Rheumatoid arthritis which is a chronic disease that may cause pain in the joints, Cataracts which affect their eye sight, gum disease that may cause tooth loss and may be linked to ulcer, stroke, heart disease and the most commonly known lung cancer which is the leading root cause of death in New Zealand’s smokers and second hand smokers. It is estimated that over sixty eight percent of female deaths and eighty two percent of male deaths in New Zealand was caused by lung cancer. Lung cancer is very usual health issue to men, but now women is also suffering from it.
Based on estimated update of the Ministry of Health in New Zealand as of the month of June this year over five thousand people die due to smoking or exposed to smoke which is the so called second hand smokers. Even though the number of women smoking is not as much of the number of men, still their number is increasing. In this campaign they emphasize that pregnant women should really stop smoking and not be exposed to smoke because it has a bad impact to the baby inside her womb which may cause twice more than the mothers health damage.
This illustrates the possible outcomes of smoking, its risk factors to women’s health and…

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