Essay on The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Your Memory And Mood

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Sleep Deprivation is not getting the required amount of sleep that is needed in order for you to function correctly during the day; it can affect your reflexes and other things such as your memory. Evidence has shown that young men that have been sleep deprived for 36 hours had a significant decrease in there efficacy to solve the N-back test, which tests your memory (Terán-Pérez, 2011). Another study on men involving screen tests shows that after 30 hours of sleep deprivation the activity the there brain significantly decreased as well as task performance (Qiwen Mu, 2005). A study done on women ages 22 to 40 years of age showed that after 48 hours of sleep deprivation participant’s had trouble grasping learning techniques such as the go and no go stimuli that was used in this experiment (Paul Whitney, 2014). How does sleep deprivation affect your memory and mood? For my experiment, the independent variable would be the amount of hours of sleep the participant does not get per night. The dependent variable would be how sleep affects your memory and mood.

Methods My research will take about two days and will be conducted in a lab designed to study sleep. My participants will be restricted to a small apartment like space where they will be watched continuously and monitored every hour by participating in a stimulating event, such as solving a puzzle. I will choose 20 participants, ten male and then female around the ages of eighteen to twenty-five from Wake…

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