Essay on The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On False Memories

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The purpose of this study was to consider the effects that sleep deprivation had on false memories. They knew that sleep deprivation had negative effects on many bodily functions, but there were no other studies that considered the effects that it had on memory susceptibility. Therefore, they conducted two experiments to test their thoughts about the impacts that sleep deprivation may have on false memories in hopes of finding a relationship between the two. The general hypothesis tested in this study was that sleep deprivation had an effect on the likelihood of having false memories. In the first experiment, they wanted to see if the self-reported sleep duration of the night before the study was associated with false memories of a news event and incorporated into a misinformation task. For the second experiment, they wanted to look at the effects sleep deprivation had on false memories at various stages of a misinformation procedure.
Experiment one consisted of undergraduate students from the University of California. The participants were divided into the restricted sleep group, which got less than five hours of sleep the night before the study, and the reference group, which got a normal night’s rest. For the first part of the experiment, two sets of pictures were used: one showing a man breaking into a car and the other a thief stealing a woman’s wallet. They were told they would be asked questions about them later. After looking at the images, the participants read…

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