Essay on The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation Among Students

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Sleep deprivation continues to be a growing issue regarding a student’s academic performance. Many students in all types of education are experiencing inadequate sleep as they are obtaining about one and a half hours less than the recommended sleep duration of eight and a half hours. (Lund, Reider, Whiting and Prichard, 2010). The cause of this issue is often due to excessive workloads and academic stress that induce problems in a student’s sleep schedule. However, continuously experiencing poor quality of sleep can have a multitude of negative effects on the body (Owens, Au, Carskadon, Millman, and Wolfson, 2014). The purpose of this literature review is to examine the negative effects of sleep deprivation amongst students in various levels of education. After conducting research for this topic, nine articles were reviewed. Three themes were identified that were common throughout the articles. The three themes that were most prevalent were the mental, physical, and behavioural effects, as well as the influence that sleep deprivation has on a student’s academic performance. The two databases that were used to find these articles were Scopus and Ovid Medline. These databases produced reliable academic articles as these databases are recognized amongst numerous universities and are considered reputable collections of scholarly sources.

Academic Performance
A decline in academic performance in students often is associated with sleep deprivation. It is not the only reason for…

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