The Effects Of Slavery On The Families Essays

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The art of slavery led to most families to live together as a nuclear family due to the facilitation of care by an individual white owner. Conversely, some families could occur in a way such that the father originated from the different owner by the mother and the children originated from the different household. In such a case, the parents and children could visit each other secretly but they could not declare their relationships public since the marriage laws did not protect them (Leslie 150). In most cases, individuals with families could find it harder to visit them due to the commitment the chores in the firm. Another impact of slavery to the families of the victims associates with meeting the daily responsibilities. Since the slaves were working without pay, they had no means through which they could support their families in any way. Women were the most suffering individuals at the time. In most times, they could return to the firms to work in a shorter period after delivery (Wilma 12). In some other times, one individual, most probably a woman could conduct the task of tending younger siblings of the slaves as they worked at the firms. Same case applied to children, whom after attaining the age of seven or eight, could receive some errands to perform, in most cases, they could assume the role of taking care of the children of the farm owner, or work together with the rest during the farming or the cultivating hours (Sterling 15). It is vital to note that slave…

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