The Effects Of Single Parent Families On Children And Families

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Family structures today are different than thirty years ago. Today, twenty million kids live in a home with one parent. In the article Positive Effects of Single Parent Families, it states, “Spending quality one on one time with your kids allows you to develop a unique bond that may actually be stronger than it would have been if you weren’t a single parent.” Therefore, parents can develop stronger relationships with their children when they are single and are not stressed about their significant other. Even though some believe divorce can cause children and families happier, families should consider thinking twice before divorcing because parents will have financial instability and children will have psychological problems. Wolf, Jennifer. A single parent family is a family occasionally from divorce and occasionally a death of a parent. A large amount of children have a primary caregiver, many are mothers. Children can receive split- custody, which is when they split half and half of living, or full custody, which is when either the mother or father has complete control. It’s painful on the children, mostly depending on the child’s age. On the website Wikipedia, it states, “In 2009, the overall divorce rate was around 9/1,000 in the United States. It resulted 1 million children living in a household with a recently divorced parent in the same year.” Younger children don’t understand what is progressing. Older kids, “teenagers,” often have it worse, they have stress and…

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