The Effects Of Sexual Assaults On College Campuses Essay

1427 Words May 5th, 2016 6 Pages
Worldwide, someone is being sexually assaulted every two-and-a-half minutes. Out of that, one in four women are college students (Newman). Attending college and having to pay for it should never come with the risk of being sexually assaulted. Sexual assaults on college campuses is a growing problem, but can easily be fixed by schools themselves taking a stand.
When choosing a college, many people believe a low sexual assault crime percentage in a school reflects pro-activeness; instead, it could more likely reflect that a campus is not doing enough to prevent sexual assaults (Domitrz). Less than five percent of these violent assaults are committed by male, college students on campus. Out of these estimated five percent, 90 through 95 percent of all sexual assaults committed on college campuses are done by the same group. An even more freighting fact is that these same males have roughly six victims throughout their college career. A little over 41 percent of colleges and universities have not had an investigation over sexual assault complaints in the last five years. This not only makes the school’s credibility questionable, but reveals that it does not have the right tools to provide victims with the help they might need in case of an assault. Out of all the schools that have conducted a sexual assault investigation, only between 13 and 30 percent of students were expelled from their college (Off the Sidelines). According to a college student, Domitz states in his article,…

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