The Effects Of Sexual Assault On College Campuses Essay

1309 Words Nov 13th, 2016 6 Pages
There has been many incidents about sexual assault on campuses nation wide and even three this past fall semester at Radford University. My peers would be concerned about this topic once the realize the severalty of sexual assault specifically on college campuses. There I questioned, “Has sexual assault increased on college campuses or has awareness made students more comfortable reporting sexual assault, thus increasing reported rates?” I choose this research topic because I believe it effects not only me but my classmates. It is a very serious issue that some students aren’t aware of. After I chose this topic I began my research using McConnell library’s super search for scholarly articles. I used a diverse amount of key words while using supper search, I searched “sexual assault”, “university sexual assault awareness” and “university support.” I limited my databases to only scholarly sources in mostly academic journals. To ensure my databases were scholarly I made sure each article had many sources, abstract, graphics. I also looked for authors that specialize in this field (Emory Law) I also attended a Bystander Awareness program hosted by the Women’s Resource center, where we discussed the importance of voicing situations where someone could be in danger. Another assistance I used was from our librarians here at Radford University in McConnell Library they hosted an in class session to help us learn how to identify scholarly articles. Throughout my evaluation…

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