The Effects Of Sexual Abuse On Children Essay

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When exploring the risk factors, it is worth noting that children who are survivors of sexual abuse have a prevalence of up to 4 times higher of neglect, maltreatment and physical abuse than children who are not survivors (Scrandis, 2014, p. 706). Although there is no overt indication of physical abuse in Trevor’s family, the way in which Gary minimized the sexual abuse and his involvement in creating an environment conducive for the incident to occur could be seen as negligent. Interestingly, research has “confirmed that men with histories of CSA routinely face discordance between sexual victimization and living up to cultural prescriptions of manhood” (Easton, 2014, p. 249). This is important particularly because of Gary’s traditionally masculine interpretation and understanding of the problem, referring to the abuse as “a notch on [Trevor’s] belt.” This was seemingly both a risk for the abuse to occur and may present a risk going forward for Trevor’s ability to process what happened in his own terms. Research has shown that resilience can be significantly impacted by male CSA survivors’ abilities to contain, resist, and renegotiate masculine roles (Kia-Keating, Grossman, Sorsoli, & Epstein, 2005, pp. 169 & 182) which may be challenging for Trevor to do with a father like Gary.
In order to obtain a more in-depth understanding of resilience, it may be useful to define it. As Mariott, Hamilton-Giachritsis & Harrop (2014) note, although resilience appears to be a somewhat…

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