The Effects Of Sex On The Media Essay examples

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Today more than ever teens are being influenced by the media. Specifically, teens are being increasingly exposed to sex on television. Top teen shows on television, such as “Shameless”, “Gossip Girl”, and “One Tree Hill”, are exposing teens to many sexual behaviors and comments at an early age. The amount of sexual behaviors and comments that appeared on the three shows previously mentioned were coded with the type of comment or behavior shown, the age of the character participating in the act/comment, and the gender of the character participating in the act/comment taken into consideration. This was done to get a better understanding of how sex is actually portrayed on teen television shows. The article “Adolescents, Sex, and the Media: Ooooo, Baby, Baby - a Q & A” by Victor C. Strasburger addressed many of the facts surrounding sex in the media and adolescents’ exposure to it. For the most part, the article was leaning towards sex in the media being a bad influence for teens. However, the article stated that it has come to the point where teens are learning about sex more from the media than from anywhere or anyone else, making sex in the media somewhat necessary, (Strasburger et al., 2005, p. 269).
Sexual behaviors are a huge part of present television shows. In all three shows, the total number of sexual behaviors was 36. The behavior that was most infrequent was sexual gesturing or signaling whereas the behaviors that were most frequent overall were passionate kissing…

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