The Effects Of Self Compassion On Eating Disorder Symptomatology, And Body Mass Index

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Associations among self-compassion, mindful eating, eating disorder symptomatology, and body mass index in college students.(2015) written by Taylor,B.,Daiss,S.,Krietsch,K. examined the relationships between self-compassion, mindful eating, eating disorder symptomatology, and body mass index. The researchers hypothesised that high levels of self-compassion would have a positive effect on mindful eating and a negative effect on eating disorder symptomatology. They also hypothesised that that mindful eating would moderate the relationship between self compassion and eating disorder symptoms. This study included the participation of a hundred and fifty college students between 18 and 25 years of age,the average age being 19.5 years. A majority of participants were female.This study was administered online where participants five study measures, which included the Self Compassion Scale–Short Form and Mindful Eating Questionnaire. After those measures were completed participants were asked to complete a EAT-26 (Eating Attitudes Test). Lastly students were asked to complete a survey on general and demographic information.The Study concluded that Self-compassion positively predicted mindful eating with a p score of .001. Self-compassion negatively predicted eating disorder symptomatology (p < 05). (Taylor,Daiss,Krietsch 2015)

Article 2 A longitudinal study of midage women with indicators of disordered eating(2015) written by Fairweather-Schmidt,K.,Lee,C.,Wade,T. examined the…

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