Essay on The Effects Of Scientific Phenomena On Human Behavior

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The natural inclination to understand phenomena in scientific ways is an innately human tendency (Haas, 2011). This desire to seek scientific explanations, particularly to explain empirical phenomena, is pervasive not only in scientific fields but also various disciplines. An exorbitant amount of research aims to investigate the impact that scientific phenomena have on social and cultural contexts, among others. Moreover, with continued scientific advancements, this desire is driven by explanatory and predictive power for events. This desire for power is essential for understanding the nature of the world, specifically the objective principles underlying it, and the actions placed upon these occurrences, namely human behavior. The study of psychology is a relatively young discipline, however it has become independent from crude disciplines such as philosophy, biology, and mathematical applications. Although psychological observations are interpreted by way of quantitative measures; unfortunately, because psychology places pronounced emphasis around subjective experience, focusing largely on human behavior, contention arises around the legitimacy of psychology as a scientific discipline. Other scientific disciplines do not directly approach the study of human behavior, which makes the discipline of psychology novel, consequently driving its contention. Moreover, there are questions raised that pertain to whether psychology also has applications in hard sciences, which would…

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