The Effects Of School Lunches On Children Essay

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Throughout the year’s child obesity has increased from how it was in the year 2004, and 2012. This has to do with the school food that is given to the children. As adults we don’t take the time too acknowledge what is being feed to children. We believe that whatever the school is giving to the students must be good for them if they are the ones who are providing it. Students eat the food that is provided to them only, because they did not bring their own food from home. For some people the reason their parents are to busy with work to have the time to make them a nice meal to eat at lunch. “Most school lunches rely heavily on high-energy, low nutrient value food, because it’s cheaper,” said Dr. Kim A. Eagle, director of the University of Michigan. Almost all public school offer (NSLP) The National School Lunch Program which annually provides 6.1 billion in total cash payments to local schools. For many children, the only reliable meals they have are at school. U.S. children and teens consume up to half of their total daily calories at school said by the The National School Lunch Program. If not taking this seriously. It could lead children into a high risk of health problems. For example, low blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and diabetes. Those who are parents have the opportunity to make a change in these student’s life for the greater good of their health. Parents these days are not involved in their children’s life. Students with parents who are involved in their…

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