The Effects Of Risks On Taking Risks Essay

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The meaning of risk is to expose a person to some kind of danger, and the idea of it is marvelous. Overall, this danger involves testing a person in three categories: physically, mentally, and spiritually. This kind of test can kill a person in any or all three ways, and at the least the person can be damaged up to any or the all of the trio. The bright side about taking risks is doing so can make a person stronger than they were beforehand in any or all areas. Risk itself can make a person more aware and closer to knowing their true self and limits. An example of risk would be a nerdy, nervous teenage boy asking a popular girl out onto a date. The example is small but shows that the nerdy, nervous teenage boy was willing to risk his pride and reputation. No matter how small or large the risk is, it 's a big factor in any relationship. There are good and bad relationship risks that can happen to anybody. A unfavorable one for sure is when a boy is being manipulated by a girl, vice versa, girl using girl, or boy using boy. The manipulator in most cases desires dominance and to be in control to the point that the other person is no longer in control in what they do, say, and in some cases even think. An example would be when a thirteen-year-old girl is discovering who she really is by just learning that she loves to roll in the mud, wear jean pants and a cotton T-shirt, and read fantasy books. Then there is the mom whom she has to visit every summer who believes that no…

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