Cause And Effect Essay: The Sport Of Football

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Football is an all-American sport,from little leagues to the National Football Leagues. Football can be all fun and games until someone gets seriously hurt. This sport has more physical contact to sport. You will also have more long lasting mental effects from playing football. So if all these things can happen to you why do parents let their young boys play this sport? Parents let their kids play because, they believe that, it can help work on their discipline and teamwork,but there are a lot of risk factors that may take place. Here is just three out of a handful of risk factors that should be considered before letting your child play,brain injuries, physical injuries, and bullying. Even though football is an exciting sport to watch there is an abundance of things parents need to know before they let their offspring engage in the sport.
Your brain is one of the most important organs in your body. It controls everything from the way you think about the way you walk and it even affects the way you talk. Without your brain, you are unable to do anything. The most common brain injury is a concussion. According to, a concussion is a traumatic brain injury that alters the way your brain function. Also, in the article, it states that the effects of a concussion are temporary, and in due time with the proper healing the
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Bullying plays a part, because if you are not as good, or play on the field as long as the other players they may get teased. Getting teased can weigh on a person’s self-esteem, and will not make your performance improve. Parents may notice a change in their children so they may feel as if it is not a good fit for their child. Your child teammates now or days, especially when you get into high school or college are very cruel to each other. They are cruel to each other by embarrassing them in public or on the field. Basically, if you get no field time you will get picked

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