Essay on The Effects Of Renewable Energy On Human Beings

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As our world continues to grow and develop, we switch over from energy resources such as wood, agricultural residues, and manure to new, highly valuable energy sources and gases. These modern energy sources help achieve basic human needs of health, lighting, and temperature, as well as, reduce the labor involved in creating the energy. This encourages industrial growth and development, but these new energy sources also have a downside. They emit harmful substances into the atmosphere, and as a consequence pollute the air. The problem with this is the negative health effects it has on human beings. As a culture, we are always looking for ways to improve, this topic being a prime example. Our challenge is to find a way to eliminate these pollutants without damaging energy needs and efficiency, and the answer is using renewable energy. Implementing renewable energy, specifically wind energy, in our environment has benefits of improving public health and quality of living. It can provide a large supply of the energy at a reasonable price, and is overall a reliable energy system.
The majority of the air pollution in the world is caused by emissions from biomass burning and fossil fuel. This is important, because pollution can travel far distances, contaminating all surrounding areas. It negatively affects humans through infecting the precipitation, fresh water resources, and other environmental necessities. The pollution given off by fuel and coal that contaminates…

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